Asynchronous Learning: Renal and Urogenital Emergencies

NON-FOAM: Renal and Urogenital Emergencies

Tintinalli’s Emergency Medicine: A Comprehensive Study Guide, 8e:

Rosen’s Emergency Medicine, Eighth Edition:


FOAM: Renal and Urogenital Emergencies

Renal Failure:

  1. ALiEM: Piperacillin/Tazobactam and Risk of Acute Kidney Injury with Vancomycin
  2. LITFL: Acute Kidney Injury
  3. FOAMCast: Acute Kidney Injury

Complications of Renal Dialysis:

  1. emDocs: Management of the Sick HD/ESRD Patient
  2. emDocs: Bleeding in the Patient with Renal Failure


  1. emDocs: Pyelonephritis

Male Genital Tract:

  1. ALiEM: Ultrasound For The Win: 22M with Scrotal Pain #US4TW
  2. Don’t forget the bubbles: Saving Balls 101: Inguinoscrotal Massess
  3. ALiEM: PV Card: Testicular Ultrasound for Torsion and Epididymitis
  4. Don’t forget the bubbles: Saving Balls 101: The Acute Scrotum

Structural Disorders:

  1. ALiEM: 10 reasons NOT to order a CT scan for suspected renal colic
  2. ALiEM: Ultrasound For The Win: 46F with Right Abdominal and Flank Pain #US4TW
  3. R.E.B.E.L. EM: Does Use of Tamsulosin in Renal Colic Facilitate Stone Passage?
  4. emergency medicine IRELAND: RCT of ED Renal Ultrasound for renal colic
  5. The SGEM: SGEM#71: Like a Rolling Kidney Stone (A Systematic Review of Renal Colic)
  6. EM Lit of Note: Sadly Inadequate Cochrane Review of Renal Colic


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