POCUS Case of the Week

50 yo F hx of Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass presents for AMS.

■Hypoglycemic enroute. EMS gives D50 with normal glucose in ED but no change in mental status
■Vitals – HR 90s, SBP 100s, RR 30s, Temp: 35.4C Rectal
■GCS 11 – combative
■Abd omen – diffuse tenderness
■FAST Performed…
Diagnosis: Perforated Viscus!
(Specifically perforated marginal (gastrojejunalanastomosis) ulcer
–Emergent General Surgery consultation with disposition immediately to the OR for emergent exploratory laparotomy
–Intubation for airway protection 2/2 to altered mental status and expected course
–Fluid resuscitation!
–Type and cross
–Broad spectrum Abx
–Hemodynamic monitoring and support.
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