Foundations of Emergency Medicine: Trauma Part I

Welcome to the next installment of our 18 month longitudinal integration of the Foundations of EM curriculum!

Below are links to the assigned material with your choice of learning pathways as well as your Challenge EKG for your independent review prior to our session scheduled for 3/5/20 at 8:30AM.

Foundations uses a flipped classroom model that includes a guided independent review of EM core content to capable adult learners followed by in-person meeting time that is reserved for active, case-based, small group learning and focused critical teaching points. If you have not done so already, please review the Guidelines for Learners which reviews all the details of how the curriculum works. Check out the residency calendar to see when Foundations is scheduled!

Class of 2022:

Foundations 1: Unit: Trauma I

Learning Pathway (scroll to appropriate unit)

EKG Course:

Unit III: Approach to Syncope

Challenge EKG #12

Class of 2021:

Foundations 2: Unit: Trauma I

Learning Pathway (scroll to appropriate unit)

EKG Course:

Unit VIII: Approach to Ischemia: NSTEMIs

Challenge EKG #29

Class of 2020:

Foundations 2: Unit: HEENT

Learning Pathway (scroll to appropriate unit)

EKG Course:

Unit XII: Approach to Paced Rhythms

Challenge EKG #45

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Jay Khadpe MD

Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine
Associate Residency Director
University of Florida College of Medicine – Jacksonville

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