I like to tube people, do I get to tube people?

From day one, the ECC junior resident (usually PGY-1) is responsible for airway management. It is not uncommon for a new PGY-1 to have multiple intubations on the first day of residency. Our program prides itself on airway management, and by the end of the first year residents have more than enough intubations to be fully competent and confident. In terms of department philosophy and practice, we focus on direct laryngoscopy during the PGY-1 experience to build full competence in this skill. As residents advance, we add in video laryngoscopy and other advanced modalities like fiber-optic.

For trauma patients, the ED Resus resident (usually PGY-2) is primarily in charge of airway management, but may switch off these duties with the trauma team to then become the trauma team leader. PGY-2 and 3 residents are also responsible for airway management on floor codes as part of the Code Blue Team.

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