To put it simple, in Jacksonville (“Jax”) the weather is great, the water is plentiful, and the living is cheap. Probably the biggest draw to living in the area is quick access to the beach or river and sunshine year-round.

Are there more exciting places in the world? Yes

Will you spend your time choosing from 100 different restaurants/bars? Probably not

But here are some reasons why you won’t be disappointed about spending 3 years (or more) in our city:

  • Cost of living is reasonable, especially for 20 minutes from the beach. We even have residents who live on and near the beach. Many residents choose to own a home given the prices and nice, historic neighborhoods that are a quick drive to the hospital
  • There’s water everywhere. The beach is 20 minutes from the hospital and the St Johns river runs right through downtown and feeds the intracoastal. Plenty of boating and fishing opportunities.
  • Compared to other cities of its size, there is very little traffic. Where most residents choose to live is on the same side of the river as the hospital and is an approximately 10 minute drive away.
  • The sun is always shining. Yes, it gets hot, real hot; but you will never have to worry about driving or walking in the snow.
  • Got an itch to get out? JAX airport is a highly rated airport that is quick in and quick out, 20 minutes from downtown. Easy 40 minute flights to Atlanta for Delta flights and direct flights to Dallas, Miami, and Philly for American flights.
  • For those looking for entertainment/eats, there are plenty of bars and restaurants frequented by residents and staff within 15 minutes of the hospital in the historic and downtown districts. Also, around 10 breweries in town with tap-rooms.

Bottom line, while you are in Jax getting an amazing educational experience, there will be plenty of ways to get out and enjoy life, and few times during the year that you can’t.