When You Get Sued!

Medical errors exist.  Lawsuits happen.  How do we manage the stressors involved with making mistakes and having bad outcomes when making life and death decisions?  Come to conference prepared to discuss the following:  How does it feels to make a mistake in our current culture of medicine. Can we change the culture? How do we learn from our mistakes and the mistakes of others? Come to your small group ready to discuss these reading assignments.

Reading Assignments (III):

1. Watch this TedTalk by Dr. Brian Goldman. “Doctors Make Mistakes, Can We Talk About That” 

2. Read “When You Are Being Sued: Litigation Stress” Pages 66-71 in ACEP’s Guide to Investing in Yourself

(You have to login to ACEP’s website to be able to download this wellness booklet.)

3. Listen to this podcast on “Getting Sued” from ERCast

4. Check out this “Primer on Litigation Stress” 

Other Resources: 

1. ACEP’s So You’ve Been Sued Resource Document

2. Listen to this podcast on Litigation stress from ALiEM

3. Watch this video on What to Expect from Litigation by Dr. Gupta

4. Watch this video on Why Emergency Medicine Physicians Get Sued

5. ACEP’s Handling Litigation Stress