Please complete the three “reading” assignments for III credit prior to attending conference.   You can also take a look at the other resources below to help prepare you for our discussion. And finally, come to conference prepared to discuss the questions listed below.

Reading Assignments (III):

1. Read this article on “Healing the Healer” and the importance of self-care for medical professionals.

2. Read this article that challenges the idea that physician self-care is the cure to burnout.  

3. Take a look at this research on self-care strategies for oncologists. Pay special attention to Table 2.

Other Resources: 

1.  Read this article on the 5 elements of physician self-care. 

2. Read this article on how some burnout factors ARE within a physician’s self-control.

3. Read this article on how self-care is not an indulgence, it’s a discipline.

Questions to Discuss in Conference:

  1. What is self-care? (If you get stuck, check out number 3 under “other resources”)
  2. Is self-care the cure for physician burnout? 
  3. What are the strategies that we can employ from an individual standpoint to improve burnout?
  4. What strategies in Table 2  from reading assignment number 3 do you think would be most beneficial? Have you employed any of these strategies? Other strategies?