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The Trauma Center (TraumaOne), established in 1983, is the only state-approved adult and pediatric Level I trauma center in Northeast Florida and Southeast Georgia. Additionally, the center received verification status form the American College of Surgeons. Approximately 4000 patients come through the trauma center each year, with around 2500 being admitted.

The trauma center consists of 5 equipped resuscitation bays, one of which is also equipped for pediatric trauma. There are dedicated ultrasound and x-ray machines for the trauma center, and other available resources include Belmont Rapid Infuser, REBOA equipment, and 24-hour IR and ECMO coverage. Each trauma case is co-managed by the Emergency Department and Trauma Surgery teams.

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The Resuscitation area consists of 4 fully-equipped bays. This area is covered by a 2nd or 3rd year resident with 2:1 nursing coverage and dedicated techs. Available equipment includes a defibrillator and airway set-up for each bed, video laryngoscopy equipment (CMAC), fiberoptic bronchoscopy, dedicated ultrasound machines, and difficult airway box.

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ECC is the area for high acuity patients that don’t meet Resus criteria. This is also where our psychiatric patients who are under involuntary hold are seen. This area is staffed by a dedicated 24-hour attending and run by a 3rd year resident (occasionally 2nd year).

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Peds ED

The Pediatric ED consists of 12 beds, including 3 fully-equipped resuscitations bays. This area is covered by a combination of emergency medicine and pediatrics residents, with oversight from pediatric emergency medicine fellows and attendings. Additional resources included dedicated ultrasound as well as a procedural room.

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Resident Lounge

The ED residents have access to their own lounge across the hall from ECC. It includes computers, lockers, and refrigerator. This is in addition to the hospital call rooms, which have a dedicated room for ED residents with beds and a bathroom. The call room area also has food, coffee, kitchen area, lockers, and workout area.

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The Clinical Decision Unit (CDU) is primarily designed for holding ED patients in observation status, but also serves as an acute care area. ED patients may be placed here to await stress tests, continue treatment for acute respiratory diseases and hyperglycemia, or undergo further testing like echo, MRI or PT/OT. This area is primarily staffed by Physician Assistants, with oversight by a dedicated attending during most of the day.

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Flex Care is an 11 bed (plus 5 upright chairs and Eye Room) unit focused primarily on care of lower acuity patients. This area can, however, be “flexible” and take higher acuity patients. Flex has dedicated 24-hour attending coverage and is run by a 2nd or 3rd year, with additional coverage from 1st year residents and Physician Assistants. Equipment available in this area include dedicated ultrasound, C-Arm portable radiography, and slit lamp.

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The cafeteria is open 24-hours with hot food served all night and breakfast every morning. Residents receive a generous meal stipend.

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The ED has 24-hour access to 2 CT scanners and an MRI. Radiology has 24-hour attending coverage.

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